Carol Wainio, Leavings, 2022
Next exhibition
Starting October 13th

We are very pleased to announce that, following its great success, Jannick Deslauriers: Imaginary Being will continue for two additional weeks. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit it yet, take advantage of this occasion to discover the work of this exceptional artist and her new exhibition, Phasmids.

In this short documentary, Deslauriers tells of her inspirations and her reflections, and explains what lead her to this shift in her production. We now invite you to discover the artist at work.
Video capsules
This first video capsule produced alongside the exhibition Jannick Deslauriers: Imaginary Being features the general and artistic director of the 1700 La Poste, Isabelle de Mévius. She adresses the ambiguity in the artist's work, her transition towards metalwork, and her new in situ installation, Phasmids.
Past exhibition

The next exhibition will feature a new installation by Jannick Deslauriers. 

We are pleased to announce that the documentary Raymonde April : Traversée(s), directed by Bruno Boulianne and presented during the exhibition at 1700 La Poste between October 7th and December 18th 2022, is now available on all platforms.
Virtual visit
This video tour of the exhibition Raymonde April : Traversée was directed by Bruno Boulianne.


Exhibition catalog
Along with the exhibition Jannick Deslauriers: Imaginary Being, Les Éditions de Mévius publishes the first monograph on sculptor Jannick Deslauriers' work.
Exhibition catalog
This catalogue contains a preface by Isabelle de Mévius features a literary text by Charles Guilbert and a theoretical and philosophical essay by Gwynne Fulton.
Exhibition catalog
Exhibition catalog
Published in the context of the Julie Ouellet exhibition at 1700 La Poste in 2021, this catalog prefaced by Isabelle de Mévius contains writings by Ginette Michaud and Mario Côté.
Exhibition catalog
This monograph features texts by Isabelle de Mévius, Vincent Bonin and Ji-Yoon Han.
Exhibition catalog
This illustrated catalogue contains essays by Gérald Gaudet, Walter June, Richard Noyce and Anne Sauvagnargues and is prefaced by Isabelle de Mévius.
Exhibition catalog
This exhibition catalogue features a preface by Isabelle de Mévius and essays by David Elliott and Edward Lebow.