Virtual visit

Luc Laporte, architecte. Réalisations & inédits

Directed by: La petite commission


At the start of its second year of existence, 1700 La Poste is devoting its space to the work of Luc Laporte, a discreet, independent, creative and visionary architect, in a journey retracing his completed and unpublished projects. As part of this exhibition, UBU, a creative company, exclusively presents L’homme qui marche, a little urban phantasmagoria that includes excerpts from texts and poems taken from Luc Laporte’s personal library. The puppet theater is a playful expression that recalls the fascination of the architect for places of representation. In addition to the places that it is possible to discover or rediscover, 1700 La Poste, Luc Laporte's latest achievement, presents new projects such as the "city for 33,296 inhabitants", commissioned by the Regional Museum of Rimouski. This utopian city freed from all roads and parking lots, wanted to be at eye level, dotted with small public squares and other meeting places and where the entire population of Rimouski moved to Île Saint-Barnabé, thus reserving the entire coast for agriculture and landscape. Finally, this event is an opportunity for his artist friends, writers and close collaborators to offer a tribute to Luc Laporte. The exhibition ended on January 17, 2015. This video then allows you to see or review the magnificent images of the exhibition.