Luc Laporte: architecte. Parcours

Directed by Robert Boulos and his team, a documentary on architect Luc Laporte (1942-2012) who was born in Montreal and worked there his whole life. He leaves a legacy of projects that have marked Montreal's urban life. Known for building some of the most popular restaurant interiors including L'Express, Leméac, Valois, Holder, Laloux, Café du Nouveau Monde (TNM), Via Roma, Restaurant de l' Institut (ITHQ), the Trattoria dei Baffone, now demolished, and the deceased Sam. He also designed a number of performance venues such as the Just for Laughs Museum and its Cabaret as well as Club Soda as we know it today. He is behind the renovation and expansion of the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). He also created office spaces; Densubos Inc. and commercial; the Arthur Quentin store. We owe him a few representative places in Montreal, such as the Bonsecours basin pavilion and the late Lux, an emblematic café-bar-restaurant-convenience store of the 1980s. His last project was the restoration of the current 1700 La Poste.