This fall, 1700 La Poste is proud to present a solo exhibition dedicated to Canadian artist Ed Pien.


Ed Pien is inspired by the myths and traditions of both West and East. Over nearly three decades, he has created a rich œuvre whose themes provoke moral and political reflection in viewers. Emerging out of a spontaneous process, his drawings are rooted in Pien’s study of historical representations of Hell and their relation to depictions of human atrocities and the violence of war.

“Bodies are intertwined and made complex through the superimposition of multiple drawings. A compact and originary mass gives rise to a new body that is ever-shifting and fantastical. A fiction impresses itself on the viewer. It engulfs us, calling on us to take part in this monstration that allows neither defense nor judgement. The artist forces us to participate and involves us in his questioning.”


Excerpt from the preface of the exhibition catalogue, by Isabelle de Mévius



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